Welcome to the Sustainable Water Bodies and Coasts (SuWaCo) web site

The SuWaCo Nordplus network facilitates cooperation and mobility of students and teachers with the aim to create a more sustainable Baltic Sea region with a special focus on water bodies and coastal zones.  This website informs about student and teacher exchange opportunities and cooperation between the network partner universities Novia University of Applied Sciences in Ekenäs, Finland, Tartu University of Life Sciences  in Tartu, Estonia, University Centre of Westfjords, Iceland, Latvian University of Agriculture in Jelgava, Latvia and Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy in Kaunas district, Lithuania are cooperating.

Exchange opportunity are open to students and teachers enrolled at the partner universities.

How to apply for a mobility grant

Students going on exchange can apply for a mobility grant from the network coordinator stefan.heinanen@novia.fi . Travel grants between Baltic countries are fixed at 330 Euro and travel grants to and from Iceland at 660 Euro. In addition accommodation support are granted depending on the duration of the exchange visit (e.g. 200 euro per moth for students). The grant can also be applied for practical training in the partner universities’ countries.

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